Forecastive is seeking partners with solid existing relationships, who can enhance our ability to provide customers and markets with empirically superior forecasting results. Forecastive handles most of the technical and forecasting aspects directly with your clients and prospects. These relationships allow us to keep the focus on extending our scientific leadership and modeling advancements, rather than sales and marketing activities.

In addition to improving forecasting performance, we can help you:

  • Win more deals, by using Forecastive and our LoadVISION system, as a competitive advantage
  • Accelerate your innovation and speed to market without added risk, or having to invest directly in R&D
  • Provide the absolute best-performing (MAPE empirically verified) electricity and energy forecasting services
  • We provide our partners with comprehensive support to maximize success. We also offer advanced training, helping partners launch our services via direct 1-on-1 Webinars with prospects, Conference Calls, ongoing technical support and complimentary consultation.

Electricity and energy short-term forecasting is a complex and sensitive blend of art and science. Collaborating together, we can achieve improvements in your forecasting accuracies and related objectives.

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