Forecastive's proprietary LoadVISION system provides highly accurate time-series forecasting such as power system load, wind farm production, steam delivery and gas demand.

Forecastive is the pioneering new leader in electricity and energy demand forecasting. With Forecastive’s LoadVISION, you can expect to receive superior accuracies, including MAPE reductions of 10 to 20%. LoadVISION combines the most advanced modern tools with the latest in artificial intelligence for predicting future patterns of any type of time series, assuring you reduced operational costs.

We are confident you will discover LoadVISION to be the most accurate short-term load forecaster. Let us help you and your organization optimize your forecasting accuracies!


  • Short term hourly and sub-hourly load forecast¬†for electric power systems
  • Wind farm production, steam delivery and gas demand forecasting
  • Electricity market price forecasting (day-ahead and same-day) for major trading hubs, as well as locational (or nodal) marginal pricing (LMP)
  • General complex time-series forecasting with abnormal patterns


  • Accurate and reliable forecasts
  • Multiple input data streams
  • Input and output data streams with independent daily distribution of data points
  • Advanced options for handling special events, such as holidays
  • Aggregation of models – Zones into a combined model


  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Automation service
  • Web portal options
  • Remote data source binding
  • Integrated data archival
  • Data export options
  • Excellent service and support

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